Everyone of us can be both a somebody and a nobody. Here, I choose to be a nobody. In being one can only I be more honest and truthful to myself.
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May 2, 2004 by warrior monk
I guess what made me share my thoughts here is what I call the "malate effect". You know, its so numbing after a night's gimik in malate. Or probably i drank too much of alchohol that prossibly what gives that numb feeling. It has this effect on me, always.
Anyways, I think i already poured a lot of my nobody in the earlier letter that I somehow felt the need to entertain myself. It's hard to live independly in the urban jungle of manila, so I'll probably just go to mall and watch denzel washi...
May 2, 2004 by warrior monk
There's something about sundays that makes me feel apprehensive yet anticipating. For six months, I've always had the company of myself for sundays. Call it mere selfishness or just making up for the six days of socializing, I don't really care.
This is my first "public appearance & announcement" to the world that i am a nobody. I don't know what made me connect to the internet as soon as I woke up today. I arrived home at 5am and woke up at around 7am. I usually sleep for 8 hours but this tim...